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Key Art Campaign Design

Secondary poster to highlight the co-star Debra Wilson o accompany the payoff poster. 

Teaser Poster

To begin promoting Feral State on social media and other avenues I was asked to create a teaser poster. A teaser poster should be iconic. It needs to give the audience a taste of the mood and genre only using minimal elements of film. 



A misfit gang of runaways and orphans are taken in by a dark and charismatic father figure, who together wreak havoc throughout swamps and trailer parks of central Florida.

Payoff Poster

Jon Carlo, the director of Feral State reached out to me to create a set of posters for him. He needed to have this film picked up by major distributors, it was essential that this poster sell the film at a glance.

When creating this poster we needed to capture the personalities of the characters as well as design with a wide array of colors based on the sunsets seen by the director in the swamps of Florida. After careful consideration of all of the images we could use from his unit photography, and the finishing process, we were able to create something that Jon Carlo loved and something that could help his film succeed. The film was picked up by Hulu.



Alex Backes



Ronald Villegas

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