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Short Film Key Art Campaign Design

Secondary poster to highlight the co-star Debra Wilson o accompany the payoff poster. 

Character Poster

Secondary poster to highlight the co-star Debra Wilson to accompany the payoff poster. 



Danny is unable to make connections with the people in his life. Now his sympathetic therapist tries to help him realize that it's more important to focus on the time you have left than the time you've already spent.

Payoff Poster

Alex Backes, the director of this short film, reached out to me to create a payoff poster for his short film That’s Our Time. They needed a movie poster title treatment that clearly represented the tone of their film without giving away too much of the story line.

They were having trouble nailing their vision with another designer initially, so they came to me to see if I could help. In addition, we were limited to only using stills from the film.

With the finishing process I was able to produce a high resolution movie poster. Finessing and adding clear details before publishing and printing. The goal was to create key art that could stand out amongst movie posters from some of the top producers in the entertainment industry such as HBO, Netflix etc.



Alex Backes



Ronald Villegas

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