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Capitan Kidd Últimas Horas Cover Art.jpg.jpg

Record Cover Art

Capitán Kidd

is a Punk Emo band from Mexico.

They asked me to create art for their first record "Últimas horas".


The idea was to create art relating to pirates. After sending them the initial concepts, we ended up choosing an illustrative route. I took the pirate theme further by creating a story that added depth to the design. A captain, who is a hopeless romantic that comes back from the dead in search of his true love. He needs to search through the dangerous mystical seas to find her. His true love is a witch mermaid and is searching back for "Capitan Kidd". On her journey she has been killing every man that isn’t Capitan Kidd until she finds him.

What do you think?

The band is ecstatic how this came out! Off to promote. 


Ronald Villegas

Are you a record label, promoter, or musician that needs art for a record?

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